Educational Support

SPARC provides a family centered program. This means that parents are directly invloved in every aspect of the rehabilitative process. Parents and the SPARC staff work as a team to determine the current needs of the deaf or hard of hearing child and to find ways of meeting those needs. Often the relationship between professionals and parents changes when the child enters into a child centered program. SPARC attempts to assist parents make this transition successfully by providing them with the opportunity to express their fears and concerns. We also help teachers and other professionals understand what it means to have a hearing impaired child in their program.

SPARC and the SK Ministry of Education

Very often our children move from our program into their home school in a regular classroom. The teacher may have concerns about working with a deaf or hard of hearing child. SPARC in conjunction with the Ministry of Education offers workshops and school visits to aid in the hearing impaired child's transition.

Schools and ACCESS Referrals

SPARC assists school personnel with programming for their student(s) with hearing aids and cochlear implants. A referral is made from the school with approval from the Superintendent for Support Services in that school division.

Once the referral is received, arrangements are made for the school visit. On completion, a report and recommendations are provided.

Services provided include:

  • Intake of relevant information to determine need prior to scheduling a school visit
  • School visits made to accommodate school staff
  • Evaluation of acoustic accessibility and necessary recommendations
  • Training of school personnel regarding equipment troubleshooting, listening checks and FM evaluation
  • Functional auditory performance evaluation
  • Functional listening evaluation
  • Formal and informal assessment of listening and spoken language skills
  • Onsite cochlear implant MAPping, equipment checks, assessment for personal and classroom FM systems
  • Interpretation of audiograms for educational management
  • Recommendations for additional assistive devices and supports, resources available, and other technologies to benefit the student and support the staff
  • Participation at PPP meetings
  • Provision of in-service trainings at the school or district level
  • Liaison between home and school


ACCESS forms for download: