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Walk-A-Thon (2014)

Congratulations to our 2014 Walk-A-Thon Winners

Grand Prize Winner - $7,500.00 Cash

  • Ed Denman, Raymore, SK

2nd Prize Winner - $1,000.00 Cash

  • Roger Dignery, Raymore, SK

$100.00 Cash Winners

  • Linda Boyd, Rosetown, SK
  • Emma Hallett, Moose Jaw, SK
  • Freda Ede, Whitewood, SK
  • Tracy Copeland, Melfort, SK
  • Shirley Kodman, Whitewood, SK

Elks Speech - Emma Hallett (2014)

Our story began 4 and a half years ago when our 3rd child Gabby was born. A day after she was born, my youngest boy popped a balloon whilst she was in Grandpa’s arms, Gabby didn’t startle or respond in anyway. It was right then that I knew she was deaf. After many people telling me I was being silly and a over paranoid mum, I managed to convince my Dr to refer her for a hearing test. After a lot of of waiting and many failed tests in Regina and Moose Jaw, we finally were referred to SPARC  in Saskatoon, that’s when we joined their family!

 Gabby was 6 months old by then, they fitted her with hearing aids at 7 months, which sadly didn’t help her Gabby’s final test was  a sedated ABR, which confirmed our suspicions and we found out that Gabby was profoundly deaf and could maybe just hear a jet engine!

After a lot of tears and sleepless nights we decided to use cochlear implants. Off we went to Edmonton when she was 13 months old to have the implants fitted. Now it hasn’t been easy, she has had to have 2 revision surgeries for different problems, it has taken a lot of strength and patience to get her through this but 3 years on she is a happy, healthy hearing toddler.

We shed so many tears thinking about all the things she wouldn’t be able to hear when we 1st found out she was deaf, but now she can hear all of them, she can hear the birds sing, water run, wind blow.

Gabby can count to ten, knows her colors, can spell her name and talks ALL day long.

This may not of been such a happy ending without the support of SPARC and The Elks.

Thank you for your continued support so other children in Saskatchewan like Gabby can learn to hear.

Walk-A-Thon (2013)

Each year there is a Walkathon in Saskatchewan. Tickets are sold and pledges are made to raise money for SPARC. This year the Walkathon was held in Moose Jaw, and the walk included a tour of the Murals of Moose Jaw.

Photo of the Walkathon

Photo of Gabby Hallett

Gabby Hallett's family was the SPARC family at the banquet held after the Walkathon in Moose Jaw, Oct. 18, 2013

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Winners of the prizes from ticket sales were announced following the banquet. They are listed below.

Congratulations to our 2013 Walk-A-Thon Winners

Grand Prize Winner - $7,500.00 Cash

  • Mark Salyniuk – Ituna, SK.

2nd Prize Winner - $1,000.00 Cash

  • Jason Koochicu, Regina SK.

$100.00 Cash Winners

  • Joyce Koturash – Star City, SK.
  • James P. Wold – Yorkton, SK.
  • Stan Polson – Regina, SK.
  • Sandi Drauds – Wakaw, SK.
  • Tanya Kleinest – Prince Albert, SK.