Pre-requisites to using the calendar

Before using the Health Sciences Building Office Booking Calendar, please ensure you have reviewed the following COVID-19 information and/or policies:

Calendar structure

The Health Sciences Building Office Booking Calendar is divided by the wings of the Health Sciences Building as follows:

  • A-Wing
  • B and D-Wing
  • E-Wing

Under each wing, calendars are further broken down into the following zones:

Approved calendar users

These calendars are to be used by everyone who has been approved to access the Health Sciences Building and—specifically—those who have been approved to access their offices. If all groups use these calendars, it will simplify management of this sensitive and important process.

NOTE: If a specific group wishes to use an existing booking alternative that has already been implemented, please email to discuss coordinating efforts that address all safety requirements and technical logistics.

Mandatory calendar use for graduate students and other non-faculty members

In places where graduate students and other non-faculty members are located, the Health Sciences Building Office Booking Calendar must be used when booking time in offices.

As units approve graduate students and other HQP (Highly Qualified Personnel) with access to offices, it is important to remember that these office uses count toward the maximum allowable occupancy in the office suite or floor where their office is located.

Graduate students—especially those in the B and D-Wings—do not always have offices in the same office suite or floor as the faculty cluster offices used by their supervisor.

As such, information captured for unit-specific office suites or floors may not completely reflect total occupancy information for the entire area as there may be graduate students nearby from clusters located on other floors.

Accidental capacity violations

Currently, it is not possible to restrict the number of calendar bookings for each time period. As a result, it is possible for bookings to exceed the maximum capacities indicated in the header of each calendar.

Please be mindful of maximum capacity allowances and be sure to not accidentally violate these safety thresholds.

Access the booking calendar

After having read and understood the Health Sciences Building COVID-19 Office Booking Calendar Policy (summarized on this webpage), approved users may access the booking calendar using the link below.