Dr. James F. Basinger, PhD

Dr. James F. Basinger, PhD

Interim Associate Provost, Health

Jim Basinger, PhD, joined the University of Saskatchewan (USask) faculty in 1981 and has held a number of leadership roles during his time on campus. These positions include Head of the Department of Geological Sciences (1997-2003), Associate Dean Science (2004-2007), Associate Vice-President Research (2008-2016), and Interim Vice-Provost Faculty Relations (2019). He currently serves the university as the Interim Associate Provost Health in the USask Health Sciences.

Dr. Basinger’s program of research concerns the evolution of plants and environments, and he has carried out extensive field-based research in Western Canada and the Canadian High Arctic. Since 1982, he has investigated the remains of fossil plants in northernmost Canada—including the 45 to 60 million-year-old fossil forests of Axel Heiberg and Ellesmere islands. These fossil forests provide a window into Earth’s past, to a time when the global climate was much warmer than present and forests existed throughout the polar regions.

Health Science Deans Committee

The deans provide administrative leadership for USask Health Sciences educational programming and research.

Dr. Jane Alcorn
Dean, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition


Dr. Peta Bonham-Smith
Dean, College of Arts & Science
Dr. Doug Brothwell
Dean, College of Dentistry
Interim Executive Director, School of Public Health


Dean, Western College of Veterinary Medicine


Dr. Chad London
Dean, College of Kinesiology
Dr. Teresa Paslawski
Associate Dean, School of Rehabilitation Science


Cindy Peternelj-Taylor
Interim Dean, College of Nursing
Dr. Preston Smith
Dean, College of Medicine


Acting Dean, University Library