Throughout the year, University of Saskatchewan Clinical Learning Resource Centre (USask CLRC) team members administer—and provide associated training for—a variety of large- and small-scale exams. Between 60-80 academic or licensing exams are hosted across all client programs each year.

The CLRC regularly partners with the university’s health science colleges and schools as well as major national examining boards and regulators to assess USask health science students, Canadian medical residents, and international medical graduates.

Where a simulated clinical setting is necessary, the CLRC can provide all required support staff and setup services. This can also include management of over 250 people for large exams involving students, examiners, simulated patients, and in-house staff.

Exams conducted by the CLRC on behalf of its partners are often prerequisites for residency, licensure, or advancement in a professional health science career.

During high-stakes examinations, CLRC clinic rooms and equipment are prepared as per the station circuit established by the external board. Standardization of station set-up, simulated patient portrayal, and exam administration is essential for all sites conducting these exams across Canada.

Medical Council of Canada Exams

National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Examination

The NAC Examination assesses the preparedness of international medical graduates seeking entrance in a Canadian residency program.

This half-day standardized Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) presents clinical scenarios through a number of stations designed to test the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to begin postgraduate training in Canada.

Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada Exams

PEBC Qualifying Examination – Part II (OSCE and OSPE)

Before pharmacists can become registered and licensed practitioners, their knowledge, skills, and abilities must be certified by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC). As part of the certification process, the CLRC administers the half-day PEBC Qualifying Examination – Part II (PEBCQE-Part II).

  • The PEBCQE-Part II for pharmacists is known as an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination).
  • The PEBCQE-Part II for pharmacy technicians is known as an OSPE (Objective Structured Performance Examination).

The PEBC OSCE and OSPE consist of a series of clinical stations designed to assess one or more competencies—often through simulations involving interactions with simulated patients or other standardized participants.

Academic Exams and Support

The CLRC supports the administration of regular examinations required as part of various programs offered by USask health science colleges and schools:

  • Objective Structured Performance Examinations (OSCEs)
    • College of Medicine (undergraduate and postgraduate students)
    • College of Nursing
    • College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
    • School of Rehabilitation Science
  • Mock OSCEs
    • Facilitated by College of Medicine and College of Nursing students. Supported by the CLRC.
  • Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)
    • College of Dentistry (utilized as part of the admissions process for the college)

At each event, the CLRC configures each setup according to the needs of the program or module being supported. This includes elements required for room and equipment setup, training, simulated patients, internal/external staff support, and more.

Learn More

For inquiries into board and licensing exams conducted at the University of Saskatchewan CLRC, please visit the website of the examining board or body responsible for the examination in question.

For questions requiring information that cannot be answered by our national partners—such as how to participate in exams as a simulated patient or an assessor—please email