The Clinical Learning Resource Centre (CLRC) was launched in 2006 as an interprofessional education and training centre dedicated to providing University of Saskatchewan (USask) health science students and community partners with an innovative, educationally rich environment through simulation education, technology, research, and evaluation.

We aim to improve patient safety, quality of patient care, and the work of professionals seeking to further enhance their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practices.

In 2013, the CLRC moved to its current home in the E-Wing of the USask Health Sciences Building. With over 15,000 square feet of simulation, training, testing, and education spaces, we are committed to providing interprofessional and interdisciplinary training to support our external partners and the University of Saskatchewan’s health science colleges and schools.

The CLRC is uniquely positioned to work with clients to customize an extensive range of training and testing simulation scenarios thanks to 24 dedicated clinical simulation rooms, four expansive procedure lab areas, three simulation suites, and a variety of specialized simulation equipment and technology.

With an average of over 70,000 learner contact hours supported each year, the CLRC has evolved into a super-sized simulation centre dedicated to providing healthcare students the opportunity to learn and practice clinical and communication skills in a safe, simulated environment.

In addition to helping students safely apply theoretical knowledge through real-world scenarios, the CLRC helps make client goals and student aspirations a reality by providing debriefing opportunities and examination resources designed to develop and/or assess clinical skill performance and other essential competencies.

We regularly work with a variety of trained Simulated Patients (SPs) to support undergraduate and postgraduate health science student success through our Simulated Patient (SP) Program and we offer a wealth of expertise and hands-on, high-fidelity equipment to assist our students and professional partners.

The CLRC not only delivers essential curriculum resources to USask health science scholars, we have also collaborated with university support units and colleges such as Protective Services and the College of Law. Additional partnerships have resulted in various healthcare simulations developed and delivered with a number of units from Saskatoon’s Royal University Hospital.

By working closely with our partners, the CLRC has been able to dynamically transform the collaborative approaches and learning experiences of undergraduate health science students, medical residents, nurse practitioner students, professional licensed healthcare practitioners, and external organization members.

Our learners receive the opportunity to develop lifelong communication and clinical skills, enabling them to significantly—and positively—affect the health outcomes of their patients and communities.

Mission, Vision, Values & Guiding Principles


To improve patient safety and quality of patient care by providing an efficient shared service delivery model that offers health science learners a safe, innovative, educationally rich environment to enhance their clinical knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practice through simulation education, technology, and evaluation.


To be a leader in providing healthcare practitioners with inspiring interprofessional learning experiences, simulation-based education, research opportunities, and essential evaluations required to optimize the safety, care, and wellbeing of patients and of fellow health science professionals.

The foundation of the CLRC’s mission and vision is supported by a commitment to key values that inform personal conduct and by a belief in principles that guide actions taken within the unit.


To foster a supportive and thriving professional culture within the USask Clinical Learning Resource Centre and our simulation community, we incorporate the following values into our work and strive to exemplify and promote these values whenever possible:

  • Respect
  • Collegiality
  • Fairness and equitable treatment
  • Inclusiviness, integrity, honesty, and ethical behaviour

Guiding Principles

  • Safe learning environment
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation, curiosity, and creativity
  • Different ways of knowing and being
  • Healthy work environment
  • Excellence and accountability

CLRC Partners

The CLRC regularly partners with a number of internal and external organizations to deliver quality simulation experiences and educational opportunities.

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USask College of Nursing
USask College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
USask Western College of Veterinary Medicine
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