Health Sciences

at the University of Saskatchewan

Together, the health sciences will be leaders in advancing health, locally and globally, through excellence in interprofessional education and practice, interdisciplinary life and health sciences discovery, and committed engagement with stakeholders.

The University of Saskatchewan is creating a new standard for interprofessional education, research and practice in the health sciences. Our state-of-the-art, integrated facility supports and enables collaboration between students, faculty and researchers across the health disciplines and will help us to educate health professionals using a team-centered approach.

The Health Sciences project is the largest capital building project in the university's history and an investment in the future of health education and practice in Saskatchewan and beyond. The innovative new facility offers a highly integrated experience for students in all health care fields. We will introduce leading teaching concepts, conduct broad research investigations that advance our understanding of health issues and explore how to best provide clinical services that respond to the needs of today's patients.