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Office of the Vice-Provost Health

  • 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
    Monday - Friday
  • 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Monday - Friday

Steven Jones

Interim Assistant Vice-Provost, Health Sciences

    Aly Sibley

    Executive Assistant

      Curtis Larson

      Associate Director of Operations

        Sheryl Mills

        Associate Director, Academic Programs & Inter-Professional Education

          Cara Spence

          Associate Director, Collaborative Research

            Susan Fillo

            Administrative Assistant

              Paul Jacob

              Finance Officer - on leave

                Crystal Maslin

                Strategic Initiatives and Projects Officer

                  Collin Semenoff

                  Communications Strategist

                    Doug Tremblay

                    Financial SBA

                      Health Sciences Building Work Control Centre

                        Health Sciences Building Supply Centre

                        Erling Madsen

                          Michele Moroz

                          LASU Manager

                            Chris O'Grady

                            Lab Manager, Ground Floor

                              Heather Neufeld

                              Lab Manager, 2nd Floor

                                Angela Seto

                                Lab Manager, 3D40

                                  Vicki Keeler

                                  Lab Manager, 3rd Floor

                                    Mark Boyd

                                    Lab Manager, 4th and 6th Floor

                                      Adi (Aditya) Manek

                                      Health Sciences Histology Core Facility

                                        Mary Freeman

                                        Associate Director of Learning

                                          Debbie Briere

                                          Manager, Clinical Learning Resource Centre

                                            Leona Boyer

                                            Surgical Skills Coordinator

                                              Brandon Boyson

                                              Simulation Specialist (Education)

                                                Chantal Lecuyer

                                                Simulation Specialist (Education)

                                                  Malcolm Whyte

                                                  Simulation Specialist (Technology)

                                                    Simulation Specialist Shared Email

                                                    Please use this email when coordinating scenarios

                                                      Lovepreet Gill

                                                      Simulation Patient Trainer (casual)

                                                        Dorothy Whitbread

                                                        Simulated Patient Trainer

                                                          Johnna Wright

                                                          Simulated Patient Trainer (casual)

                                                            Sheena Motas

                                                            Financial Officer

                                                              Helen Pocha

                                                              Clerical Assistant/Scheduler

                                                                Scheduling Email

                                                                Please use this email when scheduling events

                                                                  Corinne Andersen

                                                                  Events Coordinator, Licensing Exams

                                                                    Nicole Kopp

                                                                    Events Coordinator, Licensing Exams

                                                                      Paula Brewster

                                                                      Simulated Patient Program Coordinator

                                                                        Tamara Hominuke

                                                                        Simulated Patient Program/SETA Coordinator

                                                                          Lindsay Tarnowetzki

                                                                          Simulated Patient Program Coordinator

                                                                            Amanda Leddy

                                                                            Simulated Patient Program Coordinator

                                                                              Standardized Patient Resource Program mobile

                                                                              Please use this line to speak directly to coordinators
                                                                              • (306) 291-4437

                                                                                Aris Bagatsing

                                                                                Clinical Learning Technician

                                                                                  Kristoffer De La Peña

                                                                                  Clinical Learning Technician

                                                                                    Penny Howarth

                                                                                    Clinical Learning Technician

                                                                                      Ann Magsuci

                                                                                      Clinical Learning Technician

                                                                                        Irish San Juan

                                                                                        Clinical Learning Technician (on leave)

                                                                                          Audra Sinclair

                                                                                          Clinical Learning Technician